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Giclée Greetings Cards

Artists often ask about greetings cards!  There is a problem in making a small run of high quality cards at an affordable price.  If you go to a conventional printer, he will want to run hundreds of cards to keep the press busy - its just not cost effective to do short runs on a conventional press.  If you go to a high street printer, he will produce cheap cards, but they look bad as they are basically laser prints and often you can see the toner sitting on top of the paper.  While there are many companies on the internet offering to make cheap greetings cards, the only way to find out if they are any good is by trial and error.

Chromatech makes short run greetings cards in A5, A6 and DL sizes. In other words, A4 folded in half to make A5, A5 folded in half to make A6, and DL is (actually 2/3rds of an A4 folded in half) standard business size envelope (long and thin). These cards are really mini giclée prints, hand printed by Brian onto very nice 300gsm white cotton rag stock that is thick and strong enough to stand up without sagging or collapsing.

The cards come complete with an envelope and a clear acetate sleeve for you to make up a finished product to sell. The interior is blank for your own message, but the back can have anything on it - typically a  thumbnail image of the front with a title and media info, a  short message and some contact details - your website address for example. Each card is a little advert for you!


Photo of DL, A5 and A6 size greetings cards.Prices: A5 Greetings Cards     £1.80ea A6 Greetings Cards     £1.30ea DL Greetings Cards     £1.30ea This type of card can typically sell for twice the purchase price. There is no discount for quantity. A short run is anything up to about 50... There is no set up fee if your image is already on Chromatech's system.