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Copy, Set up and Proof an original artwork

If you've ever tried it yourself, you will know that photographing your artwork is not easy!  The image needs to be square in the frame, evenly lit, correctly exposed and focussed, and without distracting reflections.  At Chromatech, Brian has a permanent setup that allows him to quickly and easily photograph your artwork to a professional standard.  Once the original has been photographed, the image is sent across the network to the main screen for colour matching.  Here, Brian matches the colours of the image on screen to the original, as closely as possible. When he is satisfied that the result is a close as possible, the image is saved on Chromatech's servers for backup and later re-use.

Yes, you can have a copy of this file on a CD or a memory stick (BYO!) so that you can email it to people, add it to your website or have postcards printed, for example.

At this stage a proof print is made for you to see. You can see the proof next to your original artwork and compare the colours to check the accuracy of the result.  Please bear in mind that although giclée printing is extremely good and the quality is very high, the resulting print is still 'only' a copy, and it won't be perfect in every area.

Remember that any number of prints can be made at any time after the image has been set up. The setup fee is a one-off fee per artwork/file.

After the original has been set up, the prints can be made. See Giclée Printing or click here.

Copy/Setup/Proof Artwork


Original Artwork


Setup/Proof Digital File supplied


Setup/Proof Photographic original



£45.00 per original,  if bigger than A1 then £60.00


£10.00 per file


£10.00 per original - same price whether from


Image Capture Only

i.e. no colour match, no proof

(but still much better than you can do at home!)

£15.00 per original artwork